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Community Solar allows American residents and business owners to save money every month on their electric bills. Unlike traditional solar, where an array is installed on your roof or property, Community Solar is installed at an offsite location.

You can subscribe to the Community Solar project and receive credits on your regular electric bill for the clean energy produced. Everyone, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can save money by accessing the clean energy produced by these solar farms. This service is currently available in the New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Illinois state areas.

By subscribing to a share of one of PTM Solar Community Solar farms, you can achieve guaranteed savings on your home’s electricity costs while supporting locally generated clean, green renewable energy.


Save Money On Your Electric Bill

It's no secret that by replacing your electricity source with solar energy you'll save money on your electric bill. But until now, this benefit was only available to those able to put solar panels on their roof. By becoming a subscriber of a Community Solar Farm, you can start saving too.

No Installation And No Maintenance

There are no installation issues to contend with, and no maintenance responsibilities. The remotely located commercial grade system is optimally designed to be up to 30% more efficient than traditional residential rooftop systems.

Get Clean Power For Decades...
Even If You Move

Community Solar subscribers get clean power for decades; and system ownership can transfer when you move. With centralized maintenance, your system is monitored and maintained without interrupting your schedule or intruding upon your privacy.

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